Tears of Moondolls | Whipped Soap |


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Tears of Moondolls
| Whipped Soap |

Shards of sea glass fall from her cheeks
Lavender & hyacinths have filled up her reef.
Swimming through corridors of black amethyst,
the seaberries at the end she just can’t resist.
Tears of Moondolls is made for night-dwelling
water fae’s with mermaid glitter
running through their veins.

The whimsical waves of the element of Water bring cohesion, fluidity, emotion, adaptability, purification, and creativity.

Our whipped soaps are a  thick & creamy alternative to bar soap or liquid body wash.  Made with all natural, skin-loving ingredients. Using as  a daily wash will leave your temple soft, moisturized & squeaky clean. This 8 oz. jar of whipped, soapy goodness is infused with organic coconut oil & our Tears of Moondolls elemental spell oil.


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