Ritual Bath Salt


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Your rituals are yours.

Ritual bath salt

The Twigs’ ritual bath salt is for no one ritual, rather any ritual you have in mind.

Soak up a tub full of cranberry, verbena and jasmine. Whether celebrating or transitioning with moons, suns, sabbaths or shifts or just using your water baby inclination for spell work, ritual bath salt covers the bases.

Infused with all organic red & pink roses, calendula, white sage, chamomile, lavender and butterfly pea flower, taking a swim with ritual bath salts will open your mind and spirit to allow your magic to flow freely and assist you in holding steady to your intentions.

Each practitioner has ample discretion in using their ritual salts. It takes time to build your personal routine but make no mistake: ritual salts can be used for anything you can think up. Specific spell work or just a simple “me time” bath are both suitable uses for this salt.

Ritual bath salts come filled to the brim in a 16 oz. glass mason mug with a screw-top lid. Use to your hearts content and reuse your jar however you see fit 🖤


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