Clay of Cosmos | Whipped Soap |


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Clay of Cosmos
| Whipped Soap |

This recipe came to me in a dream.
Blueberry & patchouli
– Earth’s crust and its home-grown fruit filling –
Coltsfoot and chamomile sing their sweet songs
through fields of mullein and green obsidian ponds.
Labradorite for strong ties
Witches grass for creating magically
Clay of Cosmos is made for barefoot walkers
with their minds filled up with galaxies.

The ethereal energies of the element of Earth bring grounding, solidarity, peace, stability, growth, balance, strength & connection

Our whipped soaps are a  thick & creamy alternative to bar soap or liquid body wash.  Made with all natural, skin-loving ingredients. Using as  a daily wash will leave your temple soft, moisturized & squeaky clean. This 8 oz. jar of whipped, soapy goodness is infused with organic coconut oil & our Clay of Cosmos elemental spell oil.


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