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Body Bliss Tub Tea

Body Bliss Tub Tea has intentions of washing your aches, pains & hurt away.
Dip your body into warm water mixed with this powerful salt blend to renew your temple.

The Witch’s Cupboard:Body Bliss Tub Tea

Chamomile Flowers;
Promotes sleep while treating insomnia.
Reduces muscle spasms as well as period pain.
Reduces stress & acne.

Soothes aches & pains as well as muscle weakness.
Reduces fluid retention.

Cinnamon Chips;
Soothes aches & pains.
Fights exhaustion & fatigue.
Also eases arthritis.

Sage Leaves;
Arthritis & Rheumatism.
Cold limbs & numbness.
Muscular aches & pain.
Tendonitis, painful joints as well as muscular cramps.
Also aids heavy & tired legs.

Aches & pains.
General stimulant.

Infused with all-natural essential oils:
Muscular aches & pains.
Aids circulatory conditions.

Black Pepper;
Soothes general aches & pains.
Circulatory conditions.
Also a general never tonic.

Aids chronic fatigue while easing tension.

All-natural Epsom Salt;
Improves overall health.
Relieves stress while helping reduce the effects of adrenaline.
Aids muscle & nerve function.
Anti-inflammatory; relieves pain, muscle tension, inflamed joints, headaches as well as abdominal pain.

Body Bliss Tub Tea will come handcrafted in a 16 oz. glass mug with a screw-top lid.
This mug can be reused over & over again for whatever your heart’s desire.


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