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She was a bit like spring;

wild as the wind & fickle as the weather.

Yesterday was the first day of spring.
A pale grey hung from the clouds, the wind was something straight out of Oz & a high of 30 something.
The perfect setting for spring, right?

This morning I sat upright facing my big beautiful window, eyes still closed.
Upon peeling my eyes wide open I was in disbelief.
A glittering white blanket sat on top of everything.

The grass is not green, it’s not even grass at all.
The beautiful oak trees still stand naked and sad.
Tulip buds? They are still in a deep winter’s slumber.
Gloom still clings deep inside my bones.

After laying The Sun card down as my first card a tiny smile played on the corner of my lips.
It simply reminded me spring IS coming.
She’s running a little late this year.
She might have spent a little extra time wrapped up in a wonderful book.
But she’s on her way to me.

Let this beautiful card be a reminder to keep pushing on those grey days.
They won’t last forever, it simply can’t snow forever my love.

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