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Crystal Cleansing

Cleansing a new crystal is important for many reasons. Even though The Twigs Girls cleanse each stone upon arrival, they do get touched throughout the day & various energies and emotions are left on them. Cleansing your new stone gives it a fresh new start with only your energy & intent poured into it.

Sun Light: The sun burns off old energy & fills your crystal with vibrancy & light. Place your crystals under the sun’s warm light for a few hours. But, be careful as the sun can damage or discolor some crystals.

Moon Light: When the moon is at its brightest, bathing your crystals under it restores them to their brightest form. Under the full moon, place your crystals outside for a few hours or overnight to refresh them.

Sage Smoke: The smoke created when burning sage carries away any negative energy stored in crystals. Immerse your crystal in the smoke of the burning sage for a few seconds or until you feel the negative energy is gone.

Moon Water: Water charged under the full moon’s light washes away, unwanted energy from your crystals. Use a drop or two of charged moon water & rub onto your crystal. Be careful not to submerge as some gems are too fragile for long periods in water.

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  1. A lovely tid bit for the maiden witches on their journey! 🧙‍♀️🌬

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