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Our Passion for Purple♥

Purple ♥


“All the other colors are just colors, but purple seems to have a soul.
When you look at it, it’s looking back at you.”

If you’re anything like the Twigs’ girls, the color purple is an adored & important color to have in your life & environment.

Purple is broadly associated with mystery, creativity, peace & calm, magic, spirituality, protection, dignity, wisdom, ambition, sensitivity, imagination, gracefulness, and nurturing feminine energy, and that’s just a start.  It’s no wonder that we hold our purple close to our hearts in times of confusion, stress & sadness.

Purple serves as diverse a crowd and offers its energy from several standpoints when it comes to stones & crystals. Considering that purple is made from mixing cool blues with fiery reds, it makes sense that this intriguing color can offer us calmness & an influx of positive energy all at once.

Amethyst, for instance, is the ultimate stone of calm and clarity.  While amethyst promotes encouragement and protection, it is fundamentally a stone of spiritual solace. Those who suffer from addictions (far & wide) and those who struggle with anxiousness or insomnia are prompted to cling to amethyst for more than just its relieving abilities – but for its abilities to delve deeper into the root of the problem. What is making me anxious? Why are our minds so active that we can’t shut them off at night? This gorgeous purple stone aids in seeking the answers from within ourselves, exactly where they lie.
*Interesting tidbit* Amethyst, Charoite, & Lepidolite are all purple stones and are all used in conditions relating to sleep, insomnia, and night terrors.

Getting deeper into purple’s spiritual side, it’s pretty important to mention the Third Eye & Crown Chakras. The auric color of these chakras is most commonly represented as purple or indigo. But why? We all know that each chakra has its own auric color association – but the association with these cool colors being connected to the third eye & crown chakras is important. These chakras, more than any other, are related to our spiritual being rather than physical. To unblock & open your third eye & crown chakras is to open yourself up to higher living levels. Not in having more money, friends, or things, but a genuine understanding of your purpose and happiness in it. Spiritual solace is draped in purple of varying shades.

Purple is a rare occurrence in nature – take time to stop and admire the wildflowers and smell the lavender that grows up from the dirt because they are few & far between. If there isn’t already, make sure to bring something purple into your home. A crystal, blanket, pictures, book, anything really, that you can connect with and spend a moment being open with yourself. They say that things only have power if we believe in them, and I firmly believe in the power of purple. I keep it with me almost all of the time.

One moment in the Twigs’ homes & you’ll immediately see the importance of purple in our lives. It’s a calm, happy color that we need after living through stressful days. We use it to relax and reconnect after being surrounded by the strong red & orange energies which inherently surround us.
How does purple make you feel?
Are you drawn to it?
Is it just not your jam?
We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Thanks for reading our brief rundown of our favorite color (next to black, of course) !

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That pesky Aries Moon

Waxing Crescent

In all honesty, I have not been immune to the high tension brought on by the waxing crescent in Aries. The universe has been heavy, responsibilities are mounting. I’ve done a few readings within this particular time frame and have had similar outcomes; even my cards can feel the extra weight. And yes, we do harbor a great deal of discretion in reading our cards intuitively, but when both you and your cards are in a funk, readings can be a little perplexing for the already scattered brain. The aforementioned inherently concludes a lack of “spare” time in which to sit down and ground yourself, focus your thoughts, and free your spirit. This means that you have to find the time and the place – the atmosphere will not simply hand it to you. So I am no exception. My brain map has been a tangled web and my thoughts have been twirling recklessly. I have been overworked and under the weather creatively. The moon and universal vibrations are clearly not alone at fault for these factors being as they are. There are a few much less organic contributions to my stoic nature being tested – the things I can control – I think we’ve talked about this before – and I am still learning to take the reins despite myself.

The really good news is, tonight we transition into Taurus and the Spring Equinox is upon us (Ostara, if you will)! This time is so incredibly welcomed right now. This phase provides a beautiful time to grow, to restart. Make plans in which to follow through with. Start a project you’ve been putting off. Make decisions that will make a difference in your pursuits. Now is the time. Be fertile, adventurous, curious, and dominant. Embrace discomfort and struggle and accept these feelings as a challenge to get through to clear skies. If you need to cry it out, write it out, shout it out, work it out, create it out, whatever it is you might need to do, do it. Rid yourself of it…

And then wake up tomorrow to a brand new day. Accept and embrace the changes you’ve promised to make within yourself and in your environment. Keep yourself safe and protected, of course, but let your hair down for the ride. You were created for more than the stress and the mundane – you are beautiful and unique and as powerful as you believe you are. Let the beginning of Spring be the beginning of more than just a season for you.

Waxing Crescent

I promise to try if you will.

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Elemental Happiness

“Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives.
Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power.
Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.”

Elemental Happiness

So when I woke up this morning, my own energy had me befuddled. It began when I hit my snooze button FOUR times; an unheard-of series of actions perpetrated by the swipe of my own finger. I am one of those people who firmly believe that the first moments of your morning can affect the continuation of your day, and this was quite a destructive start. Running 30 minutes late, my coffee maker had already done its job by freshly brewing my morning coffee at 6:00 a.m., precisely the moment my feet typically hit the floor. My coffee is now barely room temperature & I avoid a microwave like a plague. I drink it begrudgingly. I go upstairs to wake my son up. He is immediately aware, via the light shining in through his window, that we are running at least 24 minutes late, and he is no happy camper. “Seriously, mom? I hardly have time to make waffles now”. Okay. I need a shower, but I’m running low on time. It was 60 & sunny yesterday, but this morning it’s 30 & snowing. I’m feeling groggy and flighty at once; I am befuddled all about myself.

Upon returning home from the snowy drive to school, I’m tempted to continue on with an attitude. Indeed, I was being lured into the dark side of a single bad morning. My natural inclination when feeling this way is to take myself outside and plant my feet into the grass. I am an Earth sign;  unapologetically & intimately pulled toward my element. On this particular morning, however, the grass is blanketed in freezing absurdity. I needed to find elemental happiness while my earth was snowed-in & my air was painfully bitter.

That’s just fine. Totally fine, until I’m reminded that I have less than 1 hour before I have to be at work, leaving my desire for a milk & tea bath utterly unfulfilled. I’ve exhausted all options but one; the one I have historically been least likely to experiment with… Fire.

It’s not that fire doesn’t appeal to me. It is without question the most exciting, the warmest & most vibrant of all elements. Perhaps all those years of being told “don’t play with fire” had taken its toll on my now-adult subconscious. I have 35 minutes to spare – “Why not?” I asked myself.

See, candles & fire are a very common tool in my witch’s cupboard. I make oils, meditate, read cards & bathe by candlelight. I hadn’t, though, forged a genuine relationship with that candlelight, until this morning that is.

I reach the third floor, where my sanctuary awaits me. I begin grabbing candles of all shapes, sizes & colors, pooling them together on the floor (where candle wax is already abundant) & follow up by grabbing some of the more grounding stones to keep nearby. I had formulated no method of which colors to use; I was not doing spell work & I had no intentions aside from “un-befuddling.” I light a chime candle & use it to light the others, one by one. Purple, green, orange, black, tealight, red, white, black, another purple, this weird mustard colored one that seldom gets any action, and so on. I then commenced to playing with fire in ways I never had before. Keeping mind of where every strand of my hair is while knelt down before this infantry line of natural light, I watch the flames keenly. The one on the far East end dances mambo, the purple one in the middle is the strongest & warmest. I stroke my fingers through the flames & grow accustomed to my soft human skin being tested. Within a matter of moments, this element that I previously had no relationship with started to feel like a dear, old flickering friend. I was so enamored by my discovery that I spent a little too much time (I probably had time for that bath..) but only ended up being about 3 minutes late to work. Three very worth it minutes.

The important fact is that by the time I arrived at work I was no longer befuddled. There was a calm over me. I felt neither groggy nor flighty; I felt good. Taking that moment to slow down and connect with an unfamiliar element was unknowingly needed. It wasn’t quite as good as sitting in a lavender field or taking a nap in a tree, but Fire was there when Earth was unavailable to me, and it was an endeavor well worth experimentation.

Is there a particular element that you feel drawn to? As I mentioned earlier, I am naturally drawn to Earth but am also exuberantly joyful about water and have always maintained a level of comfort in and around water. I usually think of fire as this force of loud and vivacious energy; capable of tearing down that which it comes into contact with. We have learned to use fire in spell work where an energetic spirit is needed or passions are sought after.. when you need strength, power, and aggressiveness. I’m delighted to know, however, that it doesn’t have to be loud and vivacious all of the time. The lonely flame of one candle burns so slowly and graciously. I feel that we could all learn something from getting to better know the elements which constantly surround us while we wander along unaware. It’s quite likely that it sounds ridiculous to say that I played with candles for 30 minutes and completely turned my day around – but have you tried it? Sometimes you just need to take a moment to yourself to reconnect with yourself, however, it may work for you. That might mean a date in the dirt, a long, deep breath of fresh air, a relaxing bath (or swim), or putting your hands in fire. It’s your call but find elemental happiness. Find connectedness. Play with the elements & get to know them better. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Surrender More

Some days just can’t be wonderful. You aren’t in the best of health or you plain don’t feel good, feel like getting up and moving around. You can’t ignore the obvious strain on personal relationships. You have things to say but you’re convinced whatever those words are, they will fall on deaf ears. You’re working full time, and then more time, and more time, just to stay afloat. Everyone seems to be so hateful in their hearts, and it’s probably because they truly are.

How do you even convince yourself to keep up the pace?
When I think I’ve surrendered, I surrender more
Makes sense.

You can’t control it all. You might feel like you are as powerful as ever but it doesn’t change the fact that you absolutely cannot control every little bit of life. Sit back and think about what actually can be controlled. If it’s not something you can say, think, or do, surrender to what it is. Say, for instance, the clerk at this desk or that check-out is an absolute horror show of customer service. They’re rude, impatient, etc., how do you respond? Do you respond with the same rudeness, impatience, etc., or do you choose to smile politely knowing full well you’re having a much better day than that person? You can do what you want, but recall that you are the only person in control of which decision you make. You can easily let that bad-day-having clerk affect your attitude and your day, but you’re just as capable of deciding that that momentary meeting was just that, and go on about your day feeling just fine. You can even send some good vibes in their direction in hopes of bettering their day. Your power is yours and you do what’s best for you with it. It’s important to remember that expelling energy on the people who do not require your energy is exhausting, and does nothing positive for you. It does not help you in your journey and it certainly does not strengthen your craft.

A Taurus and a control freak by birthright, I struggle with surrender. This statement is meant as broadly as possible. I’m fixed and mostly unmovable. I’m a backseat driver and overzealous mother. I’m a creature of habit who has had more than my fair share of recurring tornado dreams, as my need for control exists even in my subconscious. Surrendering to “that which I cannot control” sometimes feels more like a challenge to me than a thing to actually do. But this is where I am able to learn and grow within myself. What a lot of people consider a simple choice, I consider a leaping decision. I sometimes sit still in situations where I should certainly move, knowing that if I move the balance of control will be shifted and I may lose it. It is in these moments when I must remind myself that that’s okay. We are merely vessels traveling through time to learn from our people, our surroundings, our world. What are we so afraid of? Keeping in mind that each day is an unpromised gift, giving in to the negativity around us seems like such a waste. So my advice is this: You can’t control everything, some days just can’t be wonderful, and that’s okay. Utilize your due diligence in making sure that you are controlling what you need to in order to take care of you. You can control your actions & reactions, your words, your mood, your energy. You cannot help or control anyone else’s. However, you can use your actions, words, and mood to help brighten someone else up. “You are the moon, the sun, the stars, the whole damn universe” to someone else. So act like it. Even on a bad day, you can look through the clouds and know what lies beyond. You are capable of embracing what comes and making it serve you in a positive way.

The power is yours. Surrender to it.